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Buy Israeli Goods

As you shop for the holidays–or any other occasion–please consider supporting Israeli companies and purchasing Israeli goods and services.  Scroll down to see the full list, by category. 

Note: The list is compiled from many sources, and no endorsement is implied. (Also, some of these businesses seem to come and go, apologies for any broken links.) Please report any errors, and add your suggestions and submissions!




Clothing and sports

Food and Wine








Additional resources for finding Israeli products:

  • Blessed Buy Israel: Products from Judea & Samaria
  • A consumer guide for the retail purchase of Israeli products in major U.S. cities
  • Israel Catalog: Over 5,000 Israeli-made products and Jewish themed gifts, organized by category and by price
  • Israel Visit: Judaica, art, jewelry, books, and an opportunity to send pizza to Israeli soldiers on duty & plant trees in Israel
  • Israeli on Line Gift Shop: Israeli silver jewelry, Judaic artifacts and gifts
  • Israeli Products: Clothing and accessories; food; toys, gifts, art and Judaica; books, music and software; housewares
  • Jewish Source: Israeli apparel, art, books, gifts, jewelry and more
  • Lev HaOlam: Food, crafts and gifts from Judea and Samaria
  • Makolet Online: Israeli grocery items