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December 2013

November 2013

  • Israel warned that nuclear deal with Iran has major problems
  • A Palestinian murdered an Israeli soldier sleeping on a bus
  • Former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lierberman acquitted of fraud charges, returned to post
  • Syrian baby born in Israeli hospital
  • “Charm offensive” turns plain offensive: Ayatollah Khamenei called Israel an “illegitimate, bastard regime
  • Isaac Herzog defeated Shelly Yachimovich as leader of Israel’s main opposition Labor party
  • Israel sends emergency medical team to the Philippines
  • Tel-Aviv startup Soluto acquired by U.S. firm for $130M
  • Iconic singer Arik Einstein died at age 74

October 2013

September 2013

August 2013

July 2013

  • Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians resume after 4-year hiatus
  • New EU guidelines ban cooperation with Israeli institutions over the 1967 lines
  • Four Israeli universities listed among the world’s top 100
  • 9th Graders from my home town, Rehovot, won international robotics competition
  • 9,000 Jewish athletes competed at the international Maccabiah games

June 2013

  • Israeli-Syrian tensions rise amid civil war
  • Rami Hamdallah appointed as prime minister of Palestinian Authority—and resigned 18 days later
  • SEC allowed TIAA-CREF to block BDS motion, setting legal precedent
  • Google to acquire Israeli crowd-sourcing traffic app Waze for $1B
  • Assad threatens to expand Syrian civil war into Israel
  • Jewish toddler’s kidney saves Palestinian boy’s life
  • Jerusalem hosted Formula 1 “Peace Road Show” race

May 2013

  • Obama: U.S. Supports Israeli Action on Syria
  • U.S. Senate unanimously supports Israeli self-defense against Iranian nuclear threat
  • Israeli Air Force shot down unmanned aircraft, likely launched by Hezbollah, off the coast of Haifa
  • Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking bows to anti- Israel pressure, cancels Israel trip
  • Journalism museum Newseum cancels plans to honor Hamas cameramen
  • New report reveals Muhammad Al-Durah, symbol of Palestinian Intifada, was not killed by IDF
  • Warren Buffett paid $2 billion for the remaining 20% of Israeli metalworking company Iscar

April 2013

  • Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has resigned (again)
  • Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists fired rockets from the Sinai to southern Israel
  • University of Manitoba Students Union voted to ban Israel Apartheid Week on campus
  • U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously affirmed American support for potential Israeli military action against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure
  • U.S. will sell Israel aerial refueling planes and other advanced military equipment
  • Boston-area first responders and medical personnel cited valuable lessons from Israel for dealing with mass casualties of marathon bombing

March 2013

  • President Obama concluded a successful two-day visit to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu apologized to Turkey for the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident
  • A new coalition government in Israel includes centrist and center-right parties
  • Following another round of futile international talks, Iran installs thousands of advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment
  • Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw is Miss Israel 2013

February 2013

  • Israeli air strikes reported against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon and Syria
  • Iran is installing hundreds of advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium
  • The Bulgarian government implicated Hezbollah in July 2012 attack that killed 6, and a terror defendant in Cyprus confessed to being a Hezbollah member.  The EU is considering whether to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
  • President Obama plans to visit Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank in March
  • Protests erupted in Gaza and the West Bank
  • Israeli coalition negotiations continue; new government not yet announced

January 2013

  • The elections in Israel on Jan. 22 returned Benjamin Netanyahu to power, but with a significant loss of seats for his Likud party.  A new centrist party captured more than 15% of the votes.  Coalition discussions are underway to establish a new government.
  • A record number of tourists—3.5 million—visited Israel in 2012.

December 2012

  • The UN General Assembly recognized the “non-member state” of Palestine.
  • Israel approved construction of 3,000 housing units in “E-1”, between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim.
  • Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a massive nuclear weapon.
  • Google announced a start-up incubator in Tel Aviv.

November 2012

  • 6 Israelis were killed in Operation Pillar of Defense.
  • Iron Dome successfully intercepted thousands of missiles and rockets from Gaza.
  • A mysterious explosion—rumored to have been an Israeli attack—destroyed an Iranian-linked weapons factory in Sudan.
  • The Emir of Qatar visited Gaza, reversing the international isolation of Hamas and signaling its shift away from the Iranian regime.
  • A Swedish ship attempting to breach the blockade on Gaza was peacefully intercepted.
  • Israel will be holding elections in January 2013.

October 2012

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations, warning about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons
  • In his speech to the UN General Assembly, President Obama reiterated that the U.S. will not accept a nuclear-armed Iran

September 2012

  • Israeli politicians, pundits and media debate the wisdom and urgency of a preemptive strike on Iran.
  • Jihadi terrorists killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and fired at Israeli soldiers on the Sinai border.
  • Gymnast Ali Raisman won an Olympic gold medal for her floor exercise to the tune of “Hava Nagila,” a tribute to slain Munich 11.
  • Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to name Ashkelon as its Sister City, despite an outrageous slander campaign by anti-Israel activists.
  • New study ranks three Israeli universities among top 100 in the world.
  • Tourism to Israel is at record levels, and economic growth exceeded expectations.
  • National Geographic named the Israel National Trail one of the world’s 20 most “epic trails.”

August 2012

  • 5 Israelis killed in suicide bombing attack in Bulgaria; Iran implicated.
  • Broad Israeli government coalition falls apart over military-draft policy.
  • A panel of legal experts concluded that Jewish settlements on the West Bank do not violate international laws.
  • The International Olympic Committee refused to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich
  • EU sanctions against Iran have tightened the economic pressure on the Islamic Republic, but failed to slow its march toward nuclear weapons.
  • 38 Israeli athletes are competing in the London 2012 Olympics in windsurfing, gymnastics, judo, tennis, badminton, and more