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A partial picture -- or more context?

What a broader view may reveal…..

This Web site provides a central resource for information and materials about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  You will find here summaries and fact sheets regarding the top issues of the conflict along with source documents, maps, video clips, suggested reading, and links to additional materials.

The Broader View Resource Center is designed to be used by students, educators, activists, researchers, and anybody else who wants to go beyond the media headlines and sound bites. It provides background and context on key aspects of the conflict, history, and events in the news.  A lot of important information and relevant context are lost in the noise; this is an attempt to complete the picture, to zoom out on the issues, without overwhelming the reader or casual student with details.  It attempts to be factual and objective, relying on (and, whenever possible, providing) primary source materials for the most accurate information.

We do not endorse or promote any particular party or policy in Israel, nor do we uncritically support every statement or position of the Israeli government.  We support Israel’s right to define itself and to defend itself, while being fully aware of the limits and the complexities involved in such definition and defense.

We do not promote any specific solution to the conflict.  We do, however, advocate that the solution should be peaceful; that it should respect all sides’ rights—including the Palestinian right to political self-determination and Israeli right to security; and should be reached through negotiations and mutual compromise.  Israelis and Palestinians are engaged in vigorous debates about the future and character of their nations; as outsiders it is not our role, nor do we have the moral standing, to dictate what these futures and characters should be.

The site was created by Nevet Basker.