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“Nevet is serious, thoughtful, very balanced. She can help people find answers to questions that are often highly charged, and she does it in a way that is both non-confrontational and non-demagogic.” —Rob Jacobs, Regional Director, StandWithUs Northwest

“I learned more in one hour than I have in all of last year!”— Marcela Fabara, Bellevue, WA

“Incredible talk….  Nevet was able to put the issues into perspective in a way few commentators have ever done.” — Bob Kaufman, Seattle, WA

“Nevet’s presentation is exactly what the world needs to hear! She synthesized many facets of a very complex problem into a coherent and meaningful whole.” — Paula Fraser, Bellevue, WA

“Attending a talk or a workshop by Nevet Basker is a life-changing event.  She has a special talent for gathering in people from all sides of the ideological spectrum and uniting them through education, understanding and shared values.  Her insights are bold, surprising and new, and help guide those in attendance through the maze of Israel-Palestine issues to see essential truths more clearly than ever before.” — Robert Wilkes, Writer and political activist

“Nevet has the only approach to Israel I have seen that penetrates the ears of listeners across all age and political viewpoints. While her content is fascinating, having such a unifying presentation is why I got more out of her speaking engagement than any other.  Not only did we learn the important facts trimmed of all the fat, but in the end, our entire community felt much closer and more unified.  To bring people together over Israel, an issue that is often the source of division, is a true skill that Nevet has obviously perfected over her rich experience in community education. In addition, as a member of the next generation/college-age students, Nevet’s presentation style is perfect.  She is engaging and funny, while instilling a real sense of the heaviness of the matter and the urgency to take action.  Whereas most lecturers, well, lecture, after hearing Nevet, I felt more as if she had laid the groundwork for my own epiphany.” — Joshua Newson, New York

“Conflict, Culture, Politics, History, Nevet is the best resource for everything Israel. Her in-depth knowledge on key issues combined with her ability to relate information to diverse audiences makes her a great teacher. She helped educate and guide me.” — Uri Chotzen, Seattle, WA

“You are a very clear and interesting speaker; the kids adored this topic because of how you presented it.”  — Nancy Cohen-Vardy, 5th Grade Jewish Studies Teachers, Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle

“You really got us thinking about how to work with our constituents.  Thank you for being a great partner.” — Lindsey Geller, Program Coordinator, Hillel at the University of Washington

“An excellent presenter and speaker!” “Thank you for a fabulous, informative session.” “I look forward to learning from you again.”  “Great speaker.” “Nevet is a very engaging speaker.”  “It was great.” — Anonymous feedback from attendees at Jewish Studies program for teachers of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

“Nevet spoke for our Israel Matters series at Temple B’nai Torah.  She was so engaging that during her presentation that several people in the audience asked her to come back.  And indeed she spoke again at the close of the series, and is also returning in the fall to facilitate an adult education discussion group.  Nevet is a delight to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and connects with her audience.” — Shelly Goldman, Adult Education Chair, Temple B’nai Torah, Bellevue, WA

“Fabulous presentation!” — Anonymous feedback from attendee at a church presentation in Olympia, Washington