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Nevet's Notes

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Invite Nevet to Speak!

Nevet is available to speak to your organization, campus, congregation/faith community, or any other group interested in learning more about modern-day Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [Download flyer]  Her focus is on Israel’s place in Jewish peoplehood, transcending politics and ideology, and on uniting community around our shared connection to Israel.  Nevet’s approach is very inclusive and pluralistic—a “broad tent”—emphasizing that there are many ways to support Israel, and no one right answer to the complex challenges it faces.

For monthly listings of Nevet’s Seattle-area public speaking engagements, please subscribe here.

Sample speaking topics:

  • Israel Current Events (see review of the monthly series: A safe space for difficult discussions, p. 6)
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: 3 Narratives
  • The Real Israel: Places, People, and Politics
  • The Settlements Debate: Whose Land Is It Anyway?
  • BDS, Israel, and Us: The Delegitimization Campaign
  • Palestinian Refugees: From 1948 to the Present
  • The Israel Discussion: Israel and American Jews
  • Engaging with Kids about Israel [parent workshop]
  • Israel in the Classroom [workshop for K-12 educators in Jewish day schools and supplemental schools]
  • Activism 101: Principles of Effective Israel Advocacy
  • Activism 201: Answering the Tough Questions [interactive workshop]
  • Israeli Innovation and Business Culture

Nevet also teaches high school courses on the history of modern Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and facilitates discussion groups on current affairs and topics in the news for youth and adults.  She is a Recommended Speaker for Hasbara Fellowships, the largest and most comprehensive Israel education and activism program for North American university students.

“life-changing event”
“our entire community felt much closer and more unified”
“the groundwork for my own epiphany”
“a great partner”
“fabulous, informative session”
“a great teacher”
“a delight to work with”
“nobody fell asleep”
More quotes and testimonials

Additional topics are available upon request, and can be customized to any audience, length, and delivery format–from staff meetings and community gatherings to rallies, keynote speeches, interactive workshops, or weekend “Shabbaton” retreats.  Please contact Nevet, with no obligation, to discuss your needs.