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Nevet Basker is an independent consultant, public speaker, educator, and policy adviser specializing in modern-day Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Based in Seattle, Washington, Nevet speaks regularly to youth and adults, Jewish and non-Jewish, and leads discussion groups about current events in Israel and the Middle East.  Her approach is pluralistic and inclusive, sensitive and nuanced, open to a range of viewpoints, and welcoming debate and constructive criticism as essential components of love and support for the Jewish state.  She focuses not only on education but also–and especially–on building community, emphasizing shared values, collective identity, and respectful discourse.

Born and raised in Israel, Nevet served in the Israel Defense Forces, and later worked for over a decade at Microsoft in marketing, product management, and business development roles. Since 2005, Nevet has been focused on education, policy, and community work related to Israel.  She is the founder and director of Broader View, an Israel Resource Center, and publishes a monthly newsletter with news and analysis about Israel.

Nevet holds a B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University, and a BA in political science and communication from the University of Washington.  Her academic thesis, a comparative analysis of coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in four international media outlets, is available here.