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Dear Senator Cantwell

September 8, 2015

Dear Senator Cantwell,

I have known and admired you for almost two decades, since we were both in high-powered, high-tech business careers. We were at two different companies then, sometimes friendly, sometimes adversarial, but always a respectful relationship.

Your first run for the U.S. Senate was the first political campaign I ever supported, before I was a “pro-Israel” political activist, or any other kind. You took on an incumbent, and you impressed me as being both smart and principled, just the sort of person I wanted to represent me in the “other” Washington. You haven’t disappointed, and I have remained an admirer and supporter ever since. Read the rest of this entry »

Iran Deal Opponents: U.S. Democrats

Here is what some Democrats in Congress have said about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Read the rest of this entry »