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Academic Anti-Boycott

September 19, 2014 (with later updates)

Many people who agree with the view that the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israel is a perversion of academic values are, nevertheless, uncomfortable with the proposed remedy of withdrawing from the ASA. They may issue strong statements of rejection or disapproval of the boycott, but not end their affiliation with the boycotting organization. They argue, with some merit, that disassociating from an organization—and especially asking others to do so—further infringes on academic freedom. To these supporters, I would like to offer an alternative path.

Stanford, and other universities, can and should take public, proactive, affirmative actions—beyond mere statements—to embark on or increase high-profile collaboration projects with Israeli institutions.  Here are some suggestions for such actions—as undertaken by various institutions of higher education:

See also: American-Israeli Academic Collaboration Soars Despite Israel Boycott Efforts on Campus by Yair Rosenberg, Tablet, December 7, 2016 ((Full report: U.S.-Israel Academic Collaboration by Dr. Daphne Getz et al., Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, December 2016)

Other suggestions are welcome and actively solicited! Please add your ideas or examples (with links, if possible) in the Comments section below, or send them directly to me.

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